Be the best version of your team

Koan is the easiest way for managers and teams to reflect on progress, uncover insights and stay engaged
Turn work into progress

Stay in the loop

Answer questions in just a few minutes each week so that everyone on the team know what's going on.

Shape team culture

Build transparency and accountability through regular reflection about what's going well and what's blocking progress.

Hit your goals

Know whether you're on track to hit your team's milestones and deadlines.

Uncover insights

Harness the collective wisdom of the team to make better decisions and to discover problems earlier.

Introducing Koan

We believe small positive habits and nudges in behavior are what drive progress in teams. Out of that belief, we're creating software that embodies the practices that great managers and teams perform: weekly team reflections, 1:1 meetings, feedback and tracking goals.

Our product is currently in private beta and we're gradually rolling out to additional teams and companies.